Up to 16 students are eligible to be selected as scholarship recipients for the Introductory Course to East Asian Community: Cultural, Political and Economic Aspects, supported by the One Asia Foundation.

Criteria for Scholarships:

In order to qualify as a scholarship recipient, students must fulfill all the requirements of the Assessment strategy. This includes:

1. Participate in lectures and seminars- Attendance is mandatory. Students who missed more than 70 percent of all lectures/seminars will not be eligible for scholarships. Please bear in mind that the register is present at all lectures so it is the duty of students present to ensure that they sign the register at every class attended.

2. The Final Essay (which is approximately 2000 – 2300 words long) must be completed and handed in person before or on November 16, 2018 and send by email to this address (before or on November 16th as well).

3. The original paper version of the Essay should be submitted in Room I-319.

4. Students must prepare a presentation about the Essay and attend a short talk and debate with professors on topical issues on November 19th – 23rd, 2018. Time and venue will be announced soon.